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Sevanti Roy is an established textile designer who worked with Sanderson and East ( Fabindia); specialised in painting, printing and embroidery. She created sustainable craft for many years working with craft community in India. She is a visiting lectured in design colleges, given bronze Art award workshops in Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge and delivered Illustrative talk at the Norwich Castle museum. She loves teaching and sharing her knowledge with all age groups and any skill set

Join my workshop, experiencing the joy of block printing, mud resist indigo dye, Lino printing, designing and printing your own cushion cover, tea towel, scarf or bag, or even upcycle your old clothes. I gives day-long or half a day course depending on the subject matter which include an illustrative talk on the history and technique followed by demonstration and hands-on workshop guiding you through every step of the process.

List of workshops I offer are: Indigo dye Mud resist block printing, wood block printing, Shibori and tie dye, Embroidery, Weaving, Lino printing, Repeat pattern design.
For more details please contact me directly +44 07914784405

Wood block printing workshop
This is a mindful fun craft and suitable for any age group or skill set..
There will be many wooden blocks and colours to chose from my private collection. You will first try your design on paper and then print a final product to create a scarf / bag /wrapping paper or card. The day will start with demonstration and then I will guide you through every step. You will have access to lots of design blocks to explore with and many colours to play with. You will go home with your won designed product printed with beautiful antique wooden blocks.

Mud resist Indigo dye printing workshop
Mud resist is a fascinating textile printing technique with mud and indigo dye. The process is completed in three steps: printing with mud and then dipping in indigo and finally washing off the mud to reveal the printed design on the textile. In this class you will be learning all these techniques.I will start the day with an Illustrative talk on the subject and then guide you through every step of the process.

Mud resist is an ancient technique, the first resist textiles fragment was found from Egyptian tome which came to Egypt through trade roots from India , this craft is still practised in Rajasthan in India. It gives a unique printed result which can’t be achieved by any other methods.

Mud resist printing traditionally uses wood blocks which you can choose to create your print design from my private collection of antique wooden blocks, you will also be using recycled materials to print with.

The mud will be prepared and ready for you to use and you will have natural Indigo to dye your printed textile which gives a wonderful blue colour. I will provide all material including

fabrics to experiment and a final product to print on and take home. The process is therapeutic and fun at the same time gives wonderful result. Once you learn the techniques from this class you will be able to practice it from your home.

Lino printing
This workshop is for any skill level.
Lino printing is excellent to create printed surface on tea towels, cushions ,wall papers and wrapping papers, it is very versatile and a fun process. For this workshop you don’t need to have previous experience, I will guide you step by step through the techniques to create your own design, cut Lino and print. You will be going home with a final product designed curved and printed by you.
I will be sending you a preparatory mail a week before to get your design idea ready before you come to the class.

Designing day- I will be introducing you to the technique and printing possibilities. I will guide you to create your design, you are welcome to bring your design inspiration which you would like to convert into a repeat or we will have many design reference which you could use. I will also guide you to understand registration and repeat; straight, half drop repeat. You will be completing your repeat design ready to trace on Lino.

Lino cutting day-The day will start with Lino cutting demonstration of techniques You will learn about tools and carving techniques and you will tress your design on your Lino and start cutting to be ready for printing.

Experimenting day-is a really fun day to play and experiment. This day you will finish cutting your Lino: understand how it gives different results using placement and repeat. Towards the end of this day we will discuss your final product and plan for it.
Printing day- I will guide you to printing techniques with demonstration.
You will be finalising and printing your final product with your original design and take back home your creation!

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